Headphones upgraded

  • Wireless Technology

    The first fully wireless headphones allow you to stay connected up to 40 feet away. Continue to listening and talk on the phone through bluetooth technology allowing you to wonder while stayng connected. 

  • Battery Life

    Long lasting batteries in each White Pod allow you to listen to music without any interruption, keeping up with your fast paced life. When it comes time to charge, simply place them back in case. Its Performance that is unheard of in a device so small. 

  • Durability

    With all the technology it takes to provide rich, high quality sound, we made sure to protect the AirPods with a sturdy hard cover. The superior casing will keep your White Pod safe in any condition without adding any access weight.

White Pods

Do you like simlifying even some of the most basic daily activities? Who doesn’t… That is why we are proud to introduce the newest fully wireless headphones available NOW for those who live active lives, love listening to music, or are just ready for an upgrade.