Projection Lamp

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The Hologram Lamp is a combination of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion that plays tricks on your eyes. From afar, the eye catching lamp will distort your perception of reality, making it the best lamp to show off to all your friends. This new playful product combines man made fibers with natural materials. The perfectly crafted lamp can be put anywhere, as well as plugged in to your bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere you want a unique lamp to show off. This is why we are giving away our newest product for over 50% OFF! Order yours today... 

This new modern design projects 7 different colors in a new, and modernized design that replaces a bedside lamp. The led hologram provides different variation settings to replicate whatever mood your heart desires. Not only can you choose between different types of glow, the variety of lamp models is immense! Let yourself be inspired by this abstract designs. 


  • 7 Changeable color modes including Cyan, Blue, Green, Red, White, Purple, and Yellow as well as a relaxing mode that smoothly displays all colors
  • Touch sensor to easily change color mode
  • Energy efficient long life LED bulbs
  • Does Not overheat. Safe to touch